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We envision a society where traders are continuously provided with the right education for the constantly changing market.

Through podcasts and trading videos together with an ever-growing library of trading books that offer timeless wisdom from the trading authorities.

We believe that trading should not be done alone. And with proper tools, guidance and mentorship. We can all share the luxury that only trading the financial market can offer.

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Hello, I'm Derek VanDelinder, an experienced trader with 8 years of trading under my belt. I take great pride in what I believe is one of the finest, if not the best, trading strategies available.

Throughout the years, I've faced my fair share of challenges, but it was through those struggles that I discovered something truly extraordinary.


My approach involves a unique blend of market confluence and special tools that help me confirm trades effectively.

Presently, I'm achieving an impressive 94% win rate, with all my positions in 2022 turning out to be winners. In my early years, I focused on scalping, but now I'm comfortable holding trades for several days.

I warmly welcome you to join our community. If you approach trading seriously and put in the effort, I'm confident you'll find success as well!

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