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We envision a society where traders are continuously provided with the right education for the constantly changing market.

Through podcasts and trading videos together with an ever-growing library of trading books that offer timeless wisdom from the trading authorities.

We believe that trading should not be done alone. And with proper tools, guidance and mentorship. We can all share the luxury that only trading the financial market can offer.

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Hello, I'm Derek VanDelinder, an experienced trader with 8 years of trading under my belt. I take great pride in what I believe is one of the finest, if not the best, trading strategies available.

Throughout the years, I've faced my fair share of challenges, but it was through those struggles that I discovered something truly extraordinary.


My approach involves a unique blend of market confluence and special tools that help me confirm trades effectively.

Presently, I'm achieving an impressive 94% win rate, with all my positions in 2022 turning out to be winners. In my early years, I focused on scalping, but now I'm comfortable holding trades for several days.

I warmly welcome you to join our community. If you approach trading seriously and put in the effort, I'm confident you'll find success as well!

Taylor Marx

Greetings! My name is Taylor Marx, and I have accumulated 5 years of experience in trading, specializing in both binary options and traditional forex. Along my journey, I had the privilege of providing education for prominent companies and teaching over a million individuals throughout my career. With great confidence, I consider myself one of the top binary options traders in the industry. I have developed numerous successful strategies that simplify trading across different timeframes.


Over the past 2 years, I have consistently achieved an exceptional 84% win rate, delivering consistent results week after week. I am thrilled to have you follow my journey, and I am eager to assist you in your learning process and help you thrive in the forex markets



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Joe Caruso is Derek's right-hand man at Trader Society Academy, and he's been on an impressive streak, not having lost a single trade in the 45 days since he started calling signals. I had the opportunity to meet Joe at the FX Summit, where I told him about my free course on YouTube. It's incredible to see how he has diligently honed his skills and become a phenomenal trader.

What's remarkable about Joe is his ability to read the market just like Derek does. He has a deep understanding of both technical and fundamental aspects, making him an excellent teacher for our students. It's no surprise that he's well-liked by everyone, and if you get the chance to see him live trade, you'll surely be impressed.

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