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    Every month
    Learn and earn Monday - Friday with Derek and Joe
    • Daily Education
    • Precise Trading Signals
    • Daily Market Breakdown
    • Live Daily Webinars
    • Global Exclusive community
    • Back Testing and Forward Testing Strategies
    • Member Discounts on Live Events
  • TSA Trading Course

    It will teach you everything you need to know about trading
    • 25 video series course detailed on Dereks Strategy
    • New videos uploaded monthly
    • The last trading course you will need
    • 2 months free signals and live trading
  • Boot Camp options: Online OR In Person

    The Bootcamp Will be held in Gilbert Arizona. We will be trading together.
    • March 11th - 14th 2024, NY Session
    • Education from Basics to Advanced.
    • How to Get Funded and Maintain a Funded Account
    • Live Trading (On your Funded Accounts)
    • Learn My New Entry Method
    • Experience Trading Psychology breakthroughs
    • Lifetime Access To Trader Society, Signals, Lives, & Course
    • Learn How To Prepare Your Trades,
    • Learn How To Prepare your lot size
    • A Free Funded Account Pass
  • 1 Account Challenge pass

    Your Challenge account will be passed in 24hours or less.
    • Step 1. Pay For Prop Account
    • Step 2. Purchase the account passing service
    • Step 3. Email us your Prop firm Credentials
    • Step 4. Let us get to work
    • Step 5. Get your Live Funded Account

Prop Passing: Secure funding of $600k within 24 hours or less!

Our cutting-edge service revolves around leveraging two outstanding prop firms, Nova Funding and Kortana, with our specialized trading Bot. Over the past seven months, we have witnessed stellar results, and the feedback from our students has been overwhelmingly positive.

  1. Nova Funding ( Trusted and tested for seven months, Nova Funding offers a seamless 1-Step Trader Evaluation. With their support, you can potentially secure an impressive $400,000 in funding.

  2. Kortana ( Our partnership with Kortana, spanning the past few months, has proven to be seamless and efficient. You now have the opportunity to access funding of up to $200,000 through Kortana.


How Does It Work?

Let me walk you through the simple steps of this process:

  1. Acquire Your Accounts.

  2. Choose the Challenge Passing Plan corresponding to the number of accounts you bought.

  3. Email us your challenge credentials.

  4. We enter the details into our system.

  5. Congratulations! Your passing is confirmed in under 24 hours!



Special Offer for Zelle or Venmo Users

To make this opportunity even more accessible, we're offering a special incentive for those using Zelle or Venmo. Simply subtract $100 from any account value when using these payment methods:

  • $650 becomes $550

  • $1250 becomes $1150

  • $1450 becomes $1350

For Zelle or Venmo transactions, please email with the subject line "ZELLE or Venmo," and we'll guide you through the process.

This is not an opportunity to be taken lightly. The potential for significant funding and enhanced trading capabilities awaits. Don't miss out on this exclusive chance to elevate your trading journey.


Best regards,

Derek VanDelinder Trader Society Team

Step 1

Step 1: Purchase Your Funded Account from NOVA or KORTANA

Step 3

After acquiring your account from the proprietary firms, you should have received an email containing the login credentials for your challenge account. Kindly take a screenshot of the credentials and send them to via email.

Step 5

Once your account is successfully approved, you will receive an email from either Nova or Kortana outlining the next steps you need to take. Ensure that all your information with the proprietary firms is completed to facilitate a smooth process.

Step 2

Step 2: Purchase Your Chosen Account from Trader Society

Step 4

Once we receive the email with your credentials, we will promptly input your account into our system, and the processing time to have it approved is typically within 24 hours or less. In most cases, the approval process is completed in about an hour.

Step 6

Congratulations! Your account is now funded! It's time to start making some money. Best of luck!

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