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Application Process for Trader Society Elite - Day Trading Mentorship Program

Gilbert Arizona


Virtual Interview:

Shortlisted candidates will be scheduled for a virtual interview with Derek. This interview is an opportunity for both parties to discuss expectations, clarify any questions, and ensure that there is a good fit between the mentor and mentee.


Confirmation and Fee Payment:

Successful candidates will receive a confirmation of acceptance into Trader Society Elite. To secure their spot, they will be required to submit the one-time program fee of $5000.


Orientation Session:

Before the official start of the program, an orientation session will be conducted to provide participants with an overview of the program structure, expectations, and to address any additional queries.


Commencement of Trader Society Elite:

The program officially begins with in-person learning sessions, personalized mentorship, and access to the exclusive community of Trader Society Elite.

Pre-Application Evaluation:

Before initiating the formal application process, I will conduct a brief pre-application evaluation to ensure that candidates meet the basic eligibility criteria. This includes a genuine passion for day trading and the ability to afford prop firm accounts.


Initial Inquiry:

Interested individuals should express their interest by sending an initial inquiry via email to In the email, briefly introduce yourself, share your current trading experience, and explain why you are interested in joining Trader Society Elite.


Application Review:

I will review the initial inquiries and select candidates who align with the program's goals and criteria. Successful candidates will receive an invitation to proceed to the next stage.


Detailed Application Form:

Invited candidates will be required to complete a detailed application form. This form will gather more information about your trading background, goals, and expectations from the program.

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